Hi there, I’m Joan Madibeng and this is Real Architects.

Woman by definition; is a female human being. But a woman by description cannot be narrowed down to a five letter word sentence.

Women are diverse, complex, dynamic, strong, powerful, mysterious, highly intuitive, brave, hardworking, and extraordinary and they are the fairer sex in comparison to any of Gods creations.

In the construct of society, the ideology of patriarchy has caused that in time past and in present the 21st century women have been and are still being downgraded - some more than others in various parts of the World.

Patriarchy stands on par with ideologies such as Capitalism and Christianity and it is not surprising that patriarchy is one of the strongest ideologies in cultures Worldwide and beyond sub Saharan Africa. Therefore, it is an undeterred notion that women in every culture in all parts of the World have in one way or another felt the sting that comes with being downgraded because of her gender and this notion holds true in South Africa and Sub Saharan Africa as a whole.

South African women face some of the most difficult situations that stem directly from patriarchy in their familial life, working life and their interpersonal relationships with the males in society.

The media and diverse organisations share discourses on the challenges that women encounter in Africa as a whole especially on key dates set as global public holidays to honour women, dates such as International Women’s Day and Mothers’ Day.

Even women speak about their challenges in informal settings such as hair salons, Facebook, Tweeter, phone conversations, conversations over cocktails at the bar and on the occasional the minute ride in the elevator. But there has been no real platform for women to come together, inspire one another, find solutions to common problems and grow.

Not until the advent of the Real Architects of Society.

Joan Ramagoshi Madibeng is a woman who was given a platform of inspiration over a decade ago to influence people outside her immediate sphere
and association. In 2003, she was crowned as Miss South Africa and during her reign she came across women from different works of life. From highly iconic business women who wield authority over thousands in multinational conglomerates to domestic
workers who work as hard as they do to feed their families and keep their children in school.

Joan came to discover that although set in different spheres and sometimes in different Worlds women face similar challenges irrespective of where they are located how much they earn or the colour of their skin.

This similarities are also reinforced when Joan noticed that these women do not speak about their problems they smile and bear it and even on the occasions when they voice it out women tend to end their discourse with statements like “That is the way it has always been” and so they accept it”.

Driven with the desire to Love, Inspire and Make a Difference, Joan Ramagoshi created the Real Architects of Society as a platform where women can come together and educate one another, support one another, network to promote the development of one another, share their dreams and aspirations with one another and above all effectively make a difference in their respective circles. The Real Architects of Society event was launched in 2011 and It is celebrated annually in the month of August to commemorate “Woman’s’ Month”.

It focuses on topical issues that affect women in Society and methods by which these issues can be conquered. Key speakers and iconic figures are present at the event annually to address these topical issues and touch on the methods by which they have conquered them. These speakers serve as inspirations to all
those attending the event.

In the past, iconic personalities such as: Anna Mokogokong, Dr. Victor Ramathesele, Jenna Clifford and Dion Chang have graced the event. Real Architects of Society also has a penchant for youths in South Africa. It recognises that to effect change in the society, the future generation has to be well informed about how to prepare for an inevitable future hence, the Educational Career Expo was added to run as part of the Real Architects of Society event.

The Real Architect of Society is the hub where women converge annually to celebrate their uniqueness, appreciate their differences, talk about their problems, educate themselves, learn, motivate and inspire one another to grow.

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